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Import your project from FogBugz to GitLab

DETAILS: Tier: Free, Premium, Ultimate Offering:, Self-managed, GitLab Dedicated

  • Ability to re-import projects introduced in GitLab 15.9.

Using the importer, you can import your FogBugz project to or to your self-managed GitLab instance.

The importer imports all of your cases and comments with the original case numbers and timestamps. You can also map FogBugz users to GitLab users.


  • Requirement for Maintainer role instead of Developer role introduced in GitLab 16.0 and backported to GitLab 15.11.1 and GitLab 15.10.5.
  • FogBugz import source must be enabled. If not enabled, ask your GitLab administrator to enable it. The FogBugz import source is enabled by default on
  • At least the Maintainer role on the destination group to import to.

Import project from FogBugz

To import your project from FogBugz:

  1. Sign in to GitLab.
  2. On the left sidebar, at the top, select Create new ({plus}) and New project/repository.
  3. Select Import project.
  4. Select FogBugz.
  5. Enter your FogBugz URL, email address, and password.
  6. Create a mapping from FogBugz users to GitLab users. User Map
  7. For the projects you want to import, select Import. Import Project
  8. After the import finishes, select the link to go to the project dashboard. Follow the directions to push your existing repository.
  9. To import a project:
    • For the first time: Select Import.
    • Again: Select Re-import. Specify a new name and select Re-import again. Re-importing creates a new copy of the source project.